Smart Field String Array with a display Widget

I have a [String] types smart field. I would like to set on it the “Link” widget - but the display settings for this field is missing (not showing up at all).
Can we not control with a Widget the display of a [String] Smart Field?

Hello @Yoad_Snapir

I’ll test that on my end and come back to you shortly

Hello again @Yoad_Snapir !

I just tested creating both a normal field and a smart field of type [String]

In both cases the widget selector is displaying in the UX in my local project. Is that not the case for you? (see screenshot)

However, only “Array” and “File Viewer” widgets support lists of strings.
Forest Admin does not (yet) implements other widgets for that field type.

I’ll add a feature request, for more widgets for this field type so that the product team can prioritize it.

Please, confirm me that you are seeing the widget selector as well with those two options, so that I can mark this thread as resolved.

Thank you @romaing.
No, I am not seeing the widget part.

I wonder if I define the Smart field differently than you:

      field: 'Test STR Arr',
      type: '[String]',
      get: (doc) => {
        return ['a', 'b', 'c'];

Ha Ha, ok ok…
so ['String'] is not the same as '[String]'.
Got it :slight_smile: