Smart Field Change Display Widget Fails

Attempting to change the type of the widget of a String Smart Field from “Input Text” to “Text Area”.


And finally:

Expected behavior

The widget type should change.

Actual behavior

An error message is displayed and the widget type does not change.
Call stack image:

Failure Logs

This is the API response to the layout call:

{"errors":[{"status":422,"detail":"Not-supported patch: {op:'replace',path:'/collections/CreatorAccount/layout/fields/Seller Terms/widgetEdit'}","meta":{}}]}

Maybe it’s the space in the field name?

I confirm it’s the space in the field name.
Changing the space to an underscore when defining the Smart Field works.


As a workaround this is reasonable - but prob. needs fixing since it’s used to work before the revamp to the Edit Field Layout screen.

Hello @Yoad_Snapir,

Thank you for your report, it helps a lot!
I confirm you the issue, I have been able to reproduce it.
Our team will be notified and the fix will come very soon :slight_smile:

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