Smart field value (Rich text) doesn't show on Chrome

Feature(s) impacted

Specific smart field (Roundtrip description) doesn’t show (blank field).
Capture d’écran 2021-11-24 à 12.35.58

Expected behavior

I’m expecting my smart field value to show in the UI. I’m the only one in the team facing this issue. I’m using the same environment as my coworkers.

Failure Logs


Please provide in this mandatory section, the relevant information about your configuration:

  • Project name: okarito
  • Environment name: production aws
  • Agent type & version: forest 6.6.2
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: none

Hello @remi_okarito,

Thanks for your message :raised_hands:

That’s a curious issue you’re facing here.
Is the smart field not well displayed for any record? Could you share what is the expected value here?
And could you share the smart field definition as well?


The smart field is not displaying for all records.

The definition is

field :roundtrip_description, type: 'String' do
end returns a string.

I must add I can reproduce this behavior locally, on my environment remi_dev_2.

I just tested in Firefox, and it works, see screenshot attached.

Could you try to upgrade your chrome :man_shrugging: ?

My Chrome is up to date

Version 96.0.4664.55 (Build officiel) (x86_64)

Hard reinstalling chrome fixed it, don’t know what happened :man_shrugging: