Smart View Disappeared!

Feature(s) impacted

Smart View’s

Observed behavior

We aren’t able to access our old smart view, when we go into the collection we get “This collection cannot be found” and if we try accessing it by trying to edit it it shows the same error.

And in the console log we’re getting thrown back error messages in that the component can not be retrieved. It’s been working before and we haven’t made any updates to it.

Expected behavior

We are expecting for our created smart view to show

Failure Logs

Attached Console log


  • Project name: Ourboro
  • Team name: Customer Experience
  • Environment name: ourboro-development
  • Agent type & version: …
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hey @Zero :wave:

Could you share the name of the collection related to the smart view?
Also, does it happens for all you smart views or just for this specific one ?

right now just happening to this one and the name is submissionsSubmissionitem