Cannot figure out how to view my "Smart View"

Expected behavior

I expect to find a UI something like this so that I can select my smart view.

Actual behavior

I do not see a UI like that anywhere, and can see no other way to view the smart view. Perhaps I’m not smart enough! LOL

Failure Logs



I have created a default SmartView with no customizations and wanted to view it. I cannot find how to see it :frowning:

Hi @CFox, and welcome to our new community :raised_hands:

Did you try refreshing the page after creating the smart view ? I’ve just created one and it seems necessary in order for it to appear in the dropdown.
If you didn’t do any code modification, it should be enough to display the list of views available.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

TY @jeffladiray for the warm welcome and solution. Classic refresh problem. :rofl:

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