SmartView - Only display SmartView in specific segment

Hi there,

I have created a smartview and it is made specifically to validate some data, one by one. I would like to only display it inside a specific segment already filtered. But not in the full list of data and not in the related data lists.

Is it possible?


Hey @jdmry, and welcome to our community :wave:

Sadly, this is currently not possible. I’ll push your request to our product board.

Even if it’s far from being perfect, a possible workaround would be to create a specific collection for this purpose.

For example, for a collection A:

  • Duplicate your collection of the agent side (A & AForSegment, using the same table to get data)
  • Display it on forestadmin, then create your segment on AForSegment
  • Restrict the access of the collection to “Segment only” (Accessible in the collection configuration settings)
  • Set your Smart view on “AForSegment”

Let me know if that helps :pray: