Stripe <-> User Mapping with a Virtual Field

We currently make use of the Stripe integration provided by FA.

Our customers’ Stripe ID field does not exist directly on the User model. Instead, a User hasOne StripeLink and the StripeLink model contains the Stripe Customer ID, which is mapped to the FA Stripe integration.

With a set up like this, Stripe collections do not appear under a User’s record. A FA user has to navigate from UserStripe Link before seeing the Stripe related data (cards, invoices, payments, etc.). This configuration shows the data correctly.

Instead, we would like the Stripe related data to appear in the “Related Data” panel of a user’s summary or data view. To allow for this, I attempted to surface the Stripe customer ID as a Smart Field of a User. After doing so, and changing the Stripe FA mapping to point to this Smart Field, FA is no longer able to display any associated Stripe data. For example, “No User Stripe Invoices” is displayed where there should be a list of invoices.

Is there a solution that would allow this configuration to function?


Hello @yeti182,

Thanks for sharing this issue with us.
Your usecase is well described and pretty clear. I’m going to try to reproduce your issue and see if there exists other solutions.

Meanwhile, would it be possible to have a screen video that shows the results of your configuration test?


@yeti182 I came up with the same result you had :man_shrugging:

The Stripe native integration does not support this feature.
I’m adding a feature request in our roadmap.
And I’m sorry, I don’t see any great workaround, the user will need to do this extra click for now.

Thanks for investigating, @adriguy. I’ll watch for updates in the future.

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