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Smart action

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Smart action doesn’t work in production environment but work in test environment

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To be working

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    out of scope

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Hello @Bastien_Blanc,

Can you please fill all the different section of the template so that we better know what is the issue you are encountering ?

Kind regards :slight_smile:


The section are filled since the beginning. It’s merged with the originally template.
I can’t modify the post.

Agent type & version, 8.5.3


Do you have some news there ?

@Bastien_Blanc :wave:

We actually need your project name in order to check your project configuration. This could be especially useful as the error could be generated by a layout configuration issue, that we locate without your project name (As well as team name, when relevant).

Project name: …
Team name: …
Environment name: Production
Agent type & version: 8.5.3

is not enough infos to locate the project on our end.

Thanks in advance.

Hello :slight_smile:


Thanks :pray:

I can’t spot any issue with your project configuration.
To further investigate this issue:

  • Could you share here or as a DM (if you consider it to be private infos) the HTTP request & response headers and content?
  • If you have some, could you share your browser developer console logs & your admin backend logs?
  • If possible, the code of the associated smart action?

Thanks in advance.

I send the answers by DM :slight_smile:

As stated, I’m currently still unable to reproduce the issue.

If you have them, seeing the SQL queries associated with the failing call would really help? (Again, as DM if you consider those private).

We are also investigating on our end to see if we’re able to reproduce.

Hello everyone,

After some more investigation with @Bastien_Blanc, it turned out the issue were related to two smart actions having the same name, causing two smart action controller to be behind the same URL.

After a quick modification (eg changing the smart action names to make them differ) the issue was fixed.