The `databaseSchema` filed is not taken into account when creating project

I have an issue is with the following command (copied from the “Create your admin backend” form):

forest projects:create "MyProject" \
 --databaseConnectionURL "postgres://user@localhost:5432/MyDB" \
 --databaseSchema "MySchema" \
 --applicationHost "localhost" \
 --applicationPort "3310" \

Expected behavior

The project is successfully created.

Actual behavior

The project is NOT created. The response message is:

Your database looks empty! Please create some tables before running the command.


Indeed my public schema is empty. But MySchema is certainly not. That is why I have --databaseSchema "MySchema".

If I create a dummy table in the public schema, the command works as expected even though it is told to use a different schema.

Hello @MilenDyankov and welcome to our community :slight_smile:

This is indeed a bug on our end. We are working on a fix.
We will ping you once it’s fixed!

Hello @MilenDyankov

The fix has just been released :slight_smile:
Can you confirm your issue is solved ?

Thank you for your patience.

Important detail,
you’ll have to upgrade your Forest Admin toolbelt to the latest version v2.2.4 to get rid of this issue.
npm install forest-cli -g should do the job.

Thank you. I can confirm the issue is fixed after the upgrade.