Transferring data between environments

I know that this functionality isn’t core functionality to admin, but it is a problem we are encountering and I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion.

We work with data in development environments, and typically when we have finished handling a new type/set of data we would then deploy the code to staging (and then production). One thing that we could really do with is the ability to copy a load of Mongo documents from a local instance to a staging instance, and then from a staging instance onto production.

ideally we would have a smart bulk action which would say something like “Copy to production” or “Copy to staging”, can anyone think of how we could do this?

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Hi @BenPeddie :wave: welcome to our community.

I suggest you to have a look about smart action on our documentation:

And put the type option to bulk:

When the smart action will have been created, you can just override this route'/actions/your-action-name', (req, res) => {
  // Here contact your staging / production server

Let me know if it help.

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Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for this - really appreciate it!

I was wondering if you have any advice for handling multiple connections in the backend? Is there a way to create a locally scoped connection?


Hi @BenPeddie,

For your multiple connections subject, you can have a look to this conversation.
I hope this will help!

PS: we try to keep one conversation for one subject to make this forum as helpful as possible for the community :wink:

Awesome - that is for sql - do you have any examples with mongodb? I didn’t add to that conversation as it didn’t really solve my problem, but will do in future for certain!