Export Summary view from one environment to another

Hey guys hope y’all doing great !

I wanted to know how can I “export” my summary view that I built in the local forest to a remote forest, is it possible ?
I want to avoid to rebuild everything 3 times (staging, preprod and prod) :confused:

Thanks a lot !

“forest-express-sequelize”: “^7.0.0”,

Hi @caid,

In the environment tab of your project settings you’ll find a copy layout configuration to button that will apply the layout (including the summary view layout) to the target environment.

However keep in mind that it will copy the full layout, for all teams to the target environment.

I hope this will help you perform what you wanted

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Hey @lamatt_v

That worked perfectly!!!
But I the smart action is disabled :confused:

Hello @caid,

When publishing new actions to production, you may have to activate them from the project or collection settings.

This is to ensure new actions are now available to all by default.

Hey @Guillaume_Deslandes

I could enable it in the roles page, the smart action wasn’t triggered, it was on friday, I took it off to test because the smart action was no activated, maybe I forgot to take it off :confused:
It’s working now!!!

Tanks a lot for your help!!!