Trouble on forest-express-mongoose 9 on specific collection

I have an other trouble on forest with major 9 of forest-express-mongoose.

Feature(s) impacted

The development and production are impacted. I cannot access on specific collection (others collections works fine). I have a property called “type” on my model (when i comment the property and relaunch the dev server, there is also an offense).

Observed behavior

Expected behavior

Allow to collection “Assets”

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Intent
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Development | louisdebraine1 (the problem is also on production but not in others environment). It’s with the major 9 of forest-express-mongoose.
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: “forest-express-mongoose”: “^9.2.4”,
  • Database type: mongodb
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: update all the projet to node 18 (and forest-express-mongoose to major 9)

Pretty strange actually, i checked your schema send on your different environment and there is no major change.
Can you check the data send by your agent on the GET list request?

Capture d’écran 2023-04-05 à 09.33.44
The data seems to be good.

Have you override the GET route on assets table?
The payload seem to not be valid.
It should be something like this