Unable access to project

Hey guys, hope this message finds you well!

We currently have an error when my colleague tries to access to the project through Forest.
I tried with my own account but I could have access to the same project without any errors.
We cleaned the caches and the cookies, tried on a private navigation, but still we have the error.

Thank you very much guys!

  • Project name: Nostrum care

Do you have some logs in the frontend console ?

Hi @Alban_Bertolini

I have this screen from the front end from the browser :

Could you send the network logs and the agent logs when you are trying to access to your project ?
Also, could you send in private message the user who can’t connect at the platform :pray: ?
I’m looking for an error :slight_smile: :face_with_head_bandage:

Yes sure! Thank you Alban!

Hello @caid,

Do you have failing request(s) in the network tab of your chrome dev tool when trying to connect to the project?

Reading about your discussion with Alban you are talking about two accounts:

  • a.b******@***.fr
  • l.cou****@***.fr

I’m not sure to understand, does the two accounts encouter an issue ? + Did you succeed to login on your machine to both project accounts ?

Kind regards,

Hi @lclisson !

We didn’t have failing requests except the screens I’ve send above :confused:
Yes, the account a.b******@.fr works on my machine but on hers, she can access to 1/2 projects, the account l.cou*@***.fr has only access to Nostrum Care V2, but she can’t access into it.


I can’t see any issue on our end looking at our data at the moment. I’m still digging into your project but these users encoutering your issue have the same configuration than ones that can access to the project.

I saw you mark my previous answer as “solution”, does it mean that it is working on your end and you manage to fix your issue?


Thank you for your fast reply @lclisson !!!
No I didn’t mark it as “solution” on purpose, how can I undo it?


I did it,

Can the user try to connect to the project and in the meantime can you share the logs on your server side there should be an error as long as there is no failing network requests.

At this stage it’s hard to tell you what the issue is. :confused:

Kind regards,

Hey @lclisson ,

Is it possible to make a call to try it out together?
My colleague’s schedule is pretty tight :confused:

Thank you Louis!