Limit access to certain environment only


I’m trying to limit access for certain users to only be able to see certain environments, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

Pretty much we need some developers to be able to access ForestAdmin in Local and Dev, but not in Production.

I looked at creating teams, but that modify the layout across environment, so it doesn’t seem like it would work. I looked at Scopes, but it limits data accross environment again.

Is there a way to give full access to everything on Dev, but not on Prod?


Additional search after posting this helped me find the answer here

Hey @Esteban :wave:

For now, users have access to ALL remote environments (staging, prod, etc.).

But it’s actually something our team is currently working on.

And it should be live by the end of this year, stay tuned!

Thanks Louis! Eager for that release. We got LOT of things waiting on that.


Hey Louis, hope all is well!

Do you have an estimated timeline on when we could expect these features to be avaialble? I know you were mentioning end of year previously.

Not asking to add pressure or anything, but it would help plan our upcoming weeks. We are eagerly waiting on this feature to allow us to expand our automated testing tool to fully test ForestAdmin as well (and make our environment more stable / error proof).

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Hi! Any insights on this? @Guillaume_Deslandes ? Thanks!


Hi @Esteban :wave: ,

Sorry for the late reply on this. We’ve actually divided the job on two parts:

  1. A new Role system to easily manage collections and smart actions permissions

  2. Integrate environment access management into this new Role system

Our new Role is already live in Beta and access to env management will be released around Feb, 18th.

We can already introduce you to this new system today and help you migrate your project! Let’s set up a quick demo. I let you choose a convenient date and time right here: Calendly - Louis Steenbrink !