Unable to authenticate using another laptop


I have a Forest project that runs perfectly, locally and in prod on Docker. Locally, it works well: I can authenticate.

However, when I use another laptop I cannot authenticate. I use the same repo, with the same Docker config and the same env variables. All the env variables are set: FOREST_AUTH_SECRET, FOREST_ENV_SECRET, FOREST_CLIENT_ID (I can console.log them) and my server is up:

Here are the requests that fail when authenticating:

Any ideas about how to fix that ?

Hey @guillaumejauffret :wave:

I can spot that your /authentication call fails at preflight. Do you have any associated error in your browser console?

Thanks in advance

Hey @jeffladiray :),

here are my logs in the browser console

Thanks :pray:

So …
This first error looks weird. I’ll have to check on my end why this happens, and I’ll let you know.

However, the second issue seems to indicate that your backend is running using a certificate that is not allowed by chrome. Is your SSL certificate associated with your backend self signed ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @jeffladiray yes indeed, I had to add my self signed certificate to the system trusted certificates

Thanks for your help

:+1: So everything is working as expected now ?

yes :+1: thanks @jeffladiray

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