Unable to delete Relation Data from Summary view

I was trying to delete Relation data from Summary view as it was shown in the documentation, but the Trash icon does not appear when I try to drag a section. Instead the whole section is locked and I’m unable to anything. And I see errors popup in Console.

Failure Logs

vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:5006 Uncaught Error: You attempted to schedule an action in a queue (afterRender) for a method that doesn't exist
    at e.t.schedule (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:5006)
    at e.r.scheduleOnce (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:5051)
    at Function.e.scheduleOnce (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:3900)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:15788)
    at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1477)
    at HTMLDivElement.g.handle (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1472)
    at Object.trigger (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1621)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1623)
    at Function.each (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1253)
    at _.fn.init.each (vendor-c0cf12c33394e8b0175ed60967f4b83c.js:1246)

Hi @daniyarchambylov,

We just released a fix for this issue, thank you for reporting it.

A hard refresh or a logout/login might be needed to get the fix.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if the error persists.

Best regards

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Thanks. I had to clear Browser cache. Then it worked

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