Unable to Forest Push or Deploy

Hello, i can’t use Forest Push or Deploy with the error : Failed to push branch: source and destination environments must have the same schema when i didn’t change the database

Hello @Nivash_Godur,

Thanks for your message.

Could you give me your project name along with the 2 environments names (the source and the destination) so that I can have a look on my side?


The project name is lightyshare and the 2 environments are: Development environment : DEVELOPMENT : http://localhost:3310 and PRODUCTION : https://forest.lightyshare.com , PREPRODUCTION: https://forest-preprod.lightyshare.com

Do i have to do a git pull to the remote repository?


Thanks for your answer.

Your schemas seems to be different, indeed.
I just compared the Production environment schema and Development | nivashgoodur: the 1st one is about 16400 lines and the 2nd 18100…

You need to have the exact same schemas to be able to deploy ou push your layout changes, that’s to say you need to have the same models, segments, actions, etc on the 2 environments.
Pulling the remote repo could be a way to go!

Let me know.

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