Unable to get into admin side


I have installed forestadmin on my local PC, I have follow each instruction and get the server running in my pc until it show “Your application is running!” in http://localhost:3310/

But I still cant access the admin side of it on https://app.forestadmin.com/projects, everytime I click my project in there, its redirect me to installation process again.

Any suggestion? My app name/id is ilmantest

Best regards

Hi @ilman_maulana, and welcome to our community :wave:,

I’m looking on your project and it seems like your backend URL was not received by our servers. This is strange, since it should not happen with our onboarding flow. Would you mind giving here some details about how you did onboard your project? I would like to reproduce your issue in order to fix this.

In any case, I would suggest you to re-do your onboarding if that’s possible on your end (Delete your existing project and create a new one). A successful onboarding should redirect you to the /rate-install page once npm start is running.

Let me know if that helps

Thanks @jeffladiray i will try to delete the project and reinstall it again