Unexpected error on opening a collection record

We’ve faced a new error during our development.
When we click on “specialty” collection, this page appears.
I’m attaching the console log and the network request below.

Hello @bond,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for this inconvenience.

Is your problem still present today?
Could you please share more details about this 500 error (from your agent logs)?


@bond It could be a duplicate of this issue
Is there a self relation on this collection?

It seems so, Leonard! We also have a self-relation in this entity.
Have you found any solution for that?

I had an update from @jeffladiray telling me that there is no easy solution on our side but that they will be working on this issue really soon (jeff, correct me if I’m wrong)


Thanks for the reply @leonard_henriquez :smiley:

Have you found any solution for that?

Sadly, we do not have any workaround. However, the fix is currently in the hands of our tech-team. I’ll ping you both once the fix is released.

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The PR that should fix that issue is currently in review

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@bond, Forest has released a new version that fixes the issue on my side.
You might want to try it !

From romaing:
We just triggered a release
Hopefully the following versions should get rid of the issue

  • @forestadmin/datasource-sql@1.0.0-beta.48
  • @forestadmin/agent@1.0.0-beta.55

@romaing @jeffladiray
Thanks, guys because of the hot-fix.
And thank you so much @leonard_henriquez for your companion.
The error is gone now :upside_down_face:

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