Updated my model - Doesn't show up on Forest Production

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Feature(s) impacted

Updated a field in my model “impact” to add new impactCategoryId (enum) => merge to the master branch

Observed behavior

New fields don’t display in production, even after waiting / reconnecting / edit layout

Expected behavior

New fields should be displayed


  • Project name: Greenly back office
  • Team name: Greenly
  • Environment name: Production

Hi @Violette_Marquis !
Can you give me more details about your issue ?
Does the field show up on your dev environment ?
When you say “merge to the master”, are you talking about git or Forest dev workflow ?

Thanks !

Yes sure !
The field doesn’t show up nor in my dev environment, nor in production.
The category is impactCategoryId, missing field is “meals”.
We can “use” the missing field while adding an impact using a SQL request, but the field isn’t displayed in my dropdown on forest side (dev & prod) when I manually add the impact.

Here are some screenshot showing the problem (development side) :

Hey @Violette_Marquis :wave: and welcome to our community (And sorry for the delayed response)

Could you give me the last 4 digits of the environment secret of you development environment? (I don’t find any project named Greenly back office on my end)

Thanks in advance

Greenly-corporate maybe ?
Here are the digits : f611

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Thanks :+1:

I can see that your schema (which is also stored on our end) does not indeed contains the meals value on your development environment.

I can also see that multiple version of your schema were posted on our end yesterday. The last one we received did not contains the value, however, the previous one (~17h29 yesterday) did have the meals value on this field.

As I can’t see any error logs associated with your project, could you test the following?

  • Re-add the value and restart your backend, making sure the value is still correctly saved in the .forestadmin-schema.json?
  • Make sure no other developer is using the same environment secret as yours?

Once the schema is saved on our end, your should be able to see this new value in development.
Once that’s correct, you should be able to add/push/commit your schema (As well as the code) and deploy your code + schema on your production instance, and the field should be visible in production as well.

Let me know if that helps

Thanks a lot Jeff.
Actually, the field was in my model + in the schema.
I changed the layout (in production) from dropdown to radio button and switched to dropdown - and the field appeared !
Weird but working fine now.
Thanks a lot for your advice

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