Use a dropdown with typeahead in a smart action

I have a large ENUM with 100 Strings. It’s super hard and time-consuming to find the needed value.

I would like to use for this field the same widget I can use on the EDIT tab of a record => the dropdown with typeahead (filter as you type).
I didn’t find any documentation on the smartaction doc to do it. Is this possible?

Hello @cylwin and welcome on our community forum !

Yes it is !

To do that you have to enable the layout editor → Go to your collection settings → The ENUM field you want to change → Re select the dropdown as edit widget → An edit settings page should open with the possibility to turn on the option below. :slight_smile:

Let me know if it helps.

No, it doesn’t help.
To create a smart action you have to code. It’s not a nocode feature of forest.
Currently my code is :

          field: "enseigne",
          description: "Store",
          type: "Enum",
          enums: ['Carrefour', 'Intermarché', ...'VERY LONG LIST'],

I would like to have something like :

          field: "enseigne",
          description: "Store",
          type: "DROPDOWNWITHTYPEAHEAD !!",
          enums: ['Carrefour', 'Intermarché', ...'VERY LONG LIST'],

Do you have a workaround ?

The type you defined in your models is the good one. What is wrong or you don’t like with the workaround I gave you above?

It allows you to type “Car” and then will display “Carrefour” in the dropdown for instance. No code is needed with the solution I provided you, everything as to be done on your admin panel. :slight_smile:

If you didn’t find the ressource I can show you how to do it with a quick video. Let me know if needed.

In a smart action :

The kind of dropdown I get :

The kind of dropdown I would like to have :

Hi @cylwin,

In the smart action enum fields, we do not have the typeahead feature yet.
I’ve just created a feature request for this to be implemented.