Use Labels for Edit

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Expected behavior

Using the feature “Use Labels” for fields and works good for display but does not display in edit mode

Actual behavior

Displays number


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Hey @Liam_Cheung,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

If I understand well your problem, you are saying that when setting this rule for instance (if “1” then “AA”):

Then it’s well displayed in read mode (“AA”):

But not when editing the record (“1”):

Is it what you’re saying?

Well, to me the behaviour seems pretty fine to me :thinking:
The value of the record is actually 1; but we want to display AA instead (it is just a display rule).
But when editing the data, there is no other choice than editing the real value… does it make sense to you?


Hi Adrien,

By coincidence I was just on a call with Louis and Steve and showed them my specific issue on screen share. Louis said he would look at it. I mentioned if this is not something that other users would want, then I will just create a smart field and do it on the backend to solve this problem for my implementation. Just let me know.


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Hi @Liam_Cheung can you make sure that, in addition to use LABELS, you’ve set DROPDOWN in the edit settings of your field.

That should do the trick. Let me know.

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Very very nice, worked thanks!

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