User cant login through SSO after being deleted and added back

Feature(s) impacted

Login and user creation

Observed behavior

We use SSO to login to our forest interface and one of our users was deleted by accident. However we tried to add them back and now they can not access Forest Admin at all. When they accept the invite they get an error:

“It appears that this account already exists. Please sign in using this email to join the project”

When they try and login via SSO they get the following error:

“Unable to complete the authentication with SSO: Cannot access to this organisation”

Expected behavior

User should be able to login


  • Project name: Pento
  • Team name: Pento
  • Environment name: all
  • Agent type & version: N/A
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: N/A

Hello @Spazzy757, welcome back, :wave:

Let me try to understand what is happening here.

Ok, this happens if the user tries to re-recreate an account that already exists. Does his account still exist?

When you removed the user from your project, it has been automatically removed from the organization.

Normally he should be able to connect to his own account (e.g. using email/password) and then accept the invitation.

If he doesn't have access to his account ?

He can ask for a new one using his email here:

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if it helps. :pray:

Kind regards,


The user can login via Google, but there is no way for them to accept the invitation for our org. And there is no way for them to delete their user so we can re add them

The click on “use sign in method” and then try sign in using google and nothing happens.

Hi, any update on this, its pretty urgent for us. Anyway you can just delete the users user completly from your system and we can reset it up?

Hello @Spazzy757,

Sorry, I missed the previous messages.

They cannot accept the invitation when login in using Google? Are the emails different?

The Customer Success team will directly join you to help you with this.

Kind regards,