Unable to log in to https://app.forestadmin.com

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I am unable to log in to the app interface at all. The error message states ‘invalid user or password’ except I was able to log in to this chat with my user ID. I have tried to reset my password as another option but I got zero ‘new password’ notification via my email. I have messaged the customer service (@hello email and via electronic form) and didn’t receive any response. I urgently need to access my project with the user ID [REDACTED].

Thank you!

Hello @Shane_Parker,

I cannot find a user with your email in our database. It seems that you never created one. You need an administrator of your project to invite you, and then you’ll be able to login to the platform and access your admin panel with the chosen credentials.

Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for your response! I have login details to the account (below) and sharing a screenshot to show you that the UX-Catalyst-2 project existed until this morning.

URL - https://app.forestadmin.com/UX-Catalyst-2/Production/Operations/data/surveyResponse/index



Please don’t share your login details on this community forum. Especially passwords. I modified your post to remove these infos.

I can see that there is only one user that can access this project and it’s not the email you gave me. It’s the account of someone named Lauren.

We have 4 users registered with an email address that ends like yours, and your email address is not part of this list.

By the way, your project is using a free community plan which allows only 1 user on the production environment. If you need to access this project, you need to upgrade to a Team plan.

Then your administrator will be able to invite you on the project.

Hi Guillaume,

Firstly, thank YOU so much for your help! Without my knowledge, someone in my team changed the account user profile to my colleague Lauren and thanks to your tip, I was now able to log in to the project. You have saved me today as the whole live campaign is reliant on Forest Admin functionality. I really really appreciate your help! All the best!