Welcome Discourse

Hi Forest, RIP Slack…
Any good reason not to have categories (Setup, Smartviews, General, Feature Requests, Issues)?
Have a good day.

hello @ATZ, and welcome here! :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to post this suggestion. We are definitely looking into opening more categories, but I honestly simply wanted this new process to settle (migrating here - the tool is very different) before creating yet another source of entropy. You will see new categories pop up in the next couple of weeks, for more discussion and community love!

I hope to see you soon :tada:

Thx Ruphy
to elaborate,
unless Discourse is not keeping history. I would think people like to join a community to keep in touch.
Having no structure makes it highly un-browseable and makes it like slack…a painful scroll of issues/questions
I’m here to stay.


I am so glad to hear that! I want to make sure this environment is as great as it can be for you and would love to allow more devs to stay in touch. Have you seen @Yoad_Snapir’s post?

He suggested some categories we could start with, and I think the list is very good. Do you have any favorite in mind where you would love to post and review content, or where you could feel you would be more involved in?