When user signs up -> double records appears in FA

Hi FA support team,

Recently, it happen regularly that when a user signs up, his records appear in double (pls see screenshot).

We have checked our database and we only see one record per user. So, it seems this is coming from FA.

Could you please advise ?

Many thanks,

Hi @Karim_Buiahi :wave: unfortunatly i’m not able to reproduce.
Have you got any error message in your browser console?
Can you give me more information about your stack please?

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel, we do not see any error on our side. And it seems we have more and more double records like this. This problem started to happen since March 12th.

What is your project name? On which environment the issue appears? Did you observe this issue on all environments?
Sorry but i need more information to help you.
Can you tell me more about your stack?

Sorry… Our project name is BookVillageAdmin. Bug only occurs in prod environment. Collection concerned is “Users”. Do you need anything else?

Thanks, the issue occurred after a “Users” creation or just on the list?
Have you got any segments / scope or filter set on “Users” collection?
The issue is random?

Edit: the issue occurred only on “Users” collection?

yes, issue is random and happens after “Users” creation. You can look at “Sign up Today” segment, under “Users” collection. But as said before, this issue occurs since a week now.

yes, issue occured only on “Users” collection.
Our stack: React/node

If you refresh the browser the duplicated record disappear right?

not at all, all duplicated records are still appearing since 7 days

Ok so can you check the payload of the get all users request please, and look if your record is duplicated.

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel,

This is to let you know that we finally found the source of the bug and it comes from us. So you can close this ticket.
I thank you for the time spent on this and wish you a great weekend.


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