Access development ENV

I set up my project with using forest init

But for some reasons I can’t see the env in my options :

You can see the set up in the env, section :

I think it’s related to the fact that I need to deploy it but it won’t let me do it due to security reasons :

Would be nice to know if I’m missing something

thanks :slight_smile:

  • Project name: Docent Art
  • Team name: Art Team
  • Environment name: Development environment
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-cli/3.2.3 darwin-x64 node-v19.8.1
  • Database type: postgres

Hi @VTR_BTRT :wave: welcome to our community.
When you run forest init, it creates a new development environment for you.
As you can see on the UI your environment is in Draft mode.
I agree with you, the wording is not optimal.
To make it work, simply run(npm start) your project locally with the given FOREST_ENV_SECRET.
Let me know if that help :pray:

Thanks for your quick reply!

In a way yes, I can open the interface trough the npm start FOREST_ENV_SECRET

But when I stop the command and try to open it trough the panel and my docker I have this problem now :

resulting in this log :

Not sure if it’s still related tot he issue, but would appreciate your help!

Thanks again

Ok so what I understand, you try to run you development agent from a docker container?
How do you run this container?
Have you setup the FOREST_ENV_SECRET env var inside an .env file or something like that?
The container should be aware of this env variable. let me know.

Sorry @Arnaud_Moncel did not see your reply,

Indeed it was a .env issue :slight_smile: I changed my FOREST_ENV_SECRET in the .env of the docker and then created a branch in local based on my production environment.

Everything seems to be set up now!

Have a good day and thanks for your help