Issue creating local environment

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau.
I also can’t create my development environment on my local machine (as I wasn’t the creator of the forestadmin projet to begin with, i don’t have a development environment at the moment).

The project name is HOLIVIA

I have run the forest init command. Copy/paste the environment variables inside my .env file.

There is the output of the command forest init

Selecting your project
√ Analyzing your setup
√ Checking your database setup
√ Setting up your development environment
> Here are the environment variables you need to copy in your configuration file:

> Automatically copied to your clipboard!
√ You're now set up and ready to develop on Forest Admin
> To learn more about the recommended usage of this CLI, please visit

I still can’t see the development environment on my forestadmin account.

My APPLICATION_PORT is 5000 as I display my environment on localhost:5000

Do you have any tips on how to redo the all procedure again ?

Thanks by advance for your feedback

Hi @elviajero971

Can you provide me the logs of your development agent when it starts?

Just to summarize

  • Retrieve the code from a coworker (or your favorite versioning tool)
  • Perform the steps that you have shown in your thread
  • Copy the env variables in the .env file of the agent code
  • Start the server locally