Add environment & project name in tab/window title

What is the feature?

When working with several environments and projects, it’s hard to find the correct tab as they all have the same title.

Here, for instance, I have 6 tabs openned for 3 differents environments for 2 differents projects and it’s impossible to tell which is which without opening them one by one.


To make it easier to work with several projects and enviromnents, I’d like to suggest a naming scheme which would include at least one of the project name and/or the environment name.

Instead of the current scheme:

  • Forest Admin > SectionName > EntityName

it could look like one the following:

  • (envName) projectName > SectionName > EntityName
  • projectName (envName) > SectionName > EntityName

The environment name could also only be displayed if we’re not on production as most users only use the production environment.

Aother way to handle environments could be to change the color of the favicon to match the current environment one i.e green for production, blue for remote environments and red for development environments. In this case, the following scheme could be used:

  • projectName > SectionName > EntityName

In any case, the current naming scheme doesn’t bring any value as in most cases only the Forest Admin part is visible and the favicon already conveys this information.

What problem does this solve for you?

It will make working with several projects and enviromnents easier.

Who else would be using this feature?

I don’t known the workflow in other companies but at least all developers working with Forest Admin would be using this feature.