URGENT - All UI changes are gone!

Our production environment lost all UI changes (including roles and permissions), as well as our staging and local environments.

Could you roll back our production UI ASAP?

We do not know what caused this, as we haven’t deployed any UI changes since it was in a working state. We recently switched to the new Node.JS backend and created a staging branch.

  • Project name: PayAtt Internal Admin Portal
  • Team name: All teams
  • Environment name: Production & Staging
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: “@forestadmin/agent”: “^1.16.2”, “@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose”: “^1.5.1”
  • Database type: MongoDB
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: No UI deployments, we created a new remote environment “Staging” 2 days ago.

Hello @zakarias,

Thanks for reaching out and very sorry to hear that.

That’s very strange issue you’re facing.
Could you please tell when exactly did you migrate to agent v2? On what environment exactly?

You think you lost all your UI changes when creating a new staging environment 3 days ago?



After having checked a bit of data, we might have found an explanation for your trouble:

  • You have migrated to agent v2 but your models were slightly different (customerStampCards became customer_stamp_card , users became User, etc)
  • Forest Admin considered it was different models so it erased the UI configuration for the previous collections

When having tried on development/staging environment, you should have seen that the UI configuration was not present anymore. Have you not?
Have you followed this documentation while doing the migration (especially this part)?

Hi @adriguy,

We built an entirely new UI after migrating, rather than migrating the old UI, as the schemas ended up quite different and we wanted to get a fresh start.

Everything was working fine, our UI looked good in all environments after the migration, until yesterday, when it seems to have reset back to default.

Is it possible to restore our UI to the way it looked on Friday?


Ok, so this means that there is an agent instance of yours (with the production FOREST_ENV_SECRET!) with outdated schema that was started yesterday.
This led to new models, so UI configuration deletion, even if you push back the right schema again after.

You need to find this instance and avoid similar issue in the future.

And I’m afraid we don’t have a solution to restore your UI the way it looked on Friday.

That can indeed be the case, we shut down our old server running the pre-migration UI yesterday after noticing that the UI was reset. I admit that it was a mistake on our side to keep it running in parallel, but we could never have imagined that it could cause an irreversible UI reset on all our environments/branches, with no backups or ways to restore the newly created layout…

Very unfortunate.

Hello @zakarias, I’m despondent to read this thread leading to this unrecoverable situation, I hope you’ll be able to rework your UI as fast as possible.

I strongly invite you to read carefully about how our development workflow works, especially regarding the production deployment, which must be done carefully.

To conclude, notice that it’s possible to enable “recovering backups”, but this feature is linked to our Pro or Enterprise plans (and has to be applied before any mistakes).

I hope you’ll enjoy our new agent developer experience, and that this mistake will soon be only a bad memory… Thank you for your understanding and your support. :pray:


Hi @lionel.bouzonville,

We have already come far in repairing the UI, it’s going relatively fast since we recently migrated and everything is fresh in memory. Unfortunately, we had a few smart views that are now lost and need to be rebuilt, these will take longer.

Interesting about the “recovering backups” for Pro and Enterprise plans, we will consider this.

Regarding the workflow, I understand what happened after the discussion with @adriguy, It’s just hard to grasp how such a small thing as “starting and stopping” the old production server, managed to erase all our UI changes (even if I understand the “why”). We’ve taken measures to avoid it from happening again!

Thank you for the help and explanation, let’s indeed hope this doesn’t happen again! :pray: