Applying a flow development to forest


We have been using Forest Admin for some time and we would have liked to set up a kind of “git flow” in our environments.

We have 3 envs for now :

  • Production
  • Release
  • Development

Ideally we would like to automate the whole delivery process:

  1. A user makes an UI update on the development environment so we have :
    DEV (1 change) → Release → Production

  2. At the time of the creation of the release :
    A new stack is deployed and an update of the Release environment is done.
    Is it possible to push changes from the Dev → Release environment via the CLI? I have the impression that it is mandatory to create a branch from the Dev environment and then push the changes to Release

For testing purposed, it seemed that we can only push changes from Dev to Release like this, is there a way to pull changes from Dev to Release ?

forest branch the-cool-branch
forest push -e Release --force
  • We often got the error “Source and destination environments must have the same schema. Please check your environments code is synchronized”, do we absolutely have to have the same package versions in Meta between the different environments?

Big thanks in advance for answers ! This feature is great to maintain the UI across environnements btw !


You are in the right way :).
To push your layout changes, you must have the same code at the source and the destination. For example, the Dev env must have the same code than the Release env when you want to deploy the layout.