Broken link to "Read our developer workflow documentation"

Feature(s) impacted

Observed behavior

Expected behavior

on our forest admin website, when navigating to Project Settings → Environments → “Development environment” section → clicking on the " Read our developer workflow documentation" leads to not exists page

Failure Logs

leads to this page


  • Project name: Empathy
  • Team name: all teams
  • Environment name: Project Setting (all environments)
  • Agent technology: nodejs
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: 9.3.10
  • Database type: postgres

Hello @Avishai_Lippner,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Indeed we recently changed our documentation versioning.
The link you’re trying to access is there → Development workflow | Developer Guide

Our team will fix the issue in the application as soon as possible. :pray:

Kind regards,

Hey @Avishai_Lippner,

Our team has fixed the issue. :muscle:

Thanks again for your report.

Kind regards,

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