Bug when I modify an action that involved a n8n webhook

Feature(s) impacted

Hello I’m new on Forest Admin sorry if i’m not in the right section. :slight_smile:

Modifying or creating a smart action create a bug with my database that can’t synchronize with my Forest Admin instance.

Observed behavior

I got an issue when I want to do any other action after this modification.

Expected behavior

I hope that it works instantly after a modification


  • Project name: backoffice-matchers-v3
  • Team name: Matchers
  • Database type: Supabase

Hello @Jean_WILLAME,

Thanks for reaching us and for your detailed description of the issue. I’ll investigate your issue and get back to you.

Do you still experience the same issue?

From the logs, I can see that your environment thrown some connection errors to your DB:

Unable to connect to the given uri: postgres://[REDACTED]
Connection to database timed out

Since then, the following operations went well.

I tried the same changes that you describe (adding a smart action on an environment), and it did not break my sample project. I’m not sure that the error is related to the previous action.

Can you confirm that you still experience the problem?

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau, thanks for your reply.

I didn’t really try it again but yeah it looks fine now.

I didn’t touch anything on the configuration, this error was Supabase related ?

Yes, it was probably related to supabase.