Cannot login through chrome


i am not able to login through google chrome for some reason. i used to be able before but for some reason i cant anymore. i can login through Firefox though.

what happens is i enter my credential and click “login”. the login happens and i get directed to my page but before my data and ui is even loaded i get redirected to a page where it flashes a message indicating that there is a problem with the server and immediately after that i get redirected to the login page.

i tried to inspect the error by halting the redirection process and checking the errors in the console and i got these two errors.

i believe something is wrong with my Users table. when i halted the redirection i got lucky and my page ui loaded but the users table data just kept loading infinitely but when i clicked on another table the data loaded normally.

keep in mind that i had programmed some smart fields and segments which i thought had caused the problem at first but when i commented them out i still got the same issue.

Hello @huss,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you show us if there are some request that are failing in the first place?

Do you have this error when logging in to your liana, or is it directly when logging in to Forest Admin?

i get this error when trying to log into my liana.
i get the following errors in the console when i try to login. (the warnings are ordered from top to bottom through the different redirections ending with the login page again right after the “server encountered an error” page)

Hello @huss,

Can you please show me the request from the network tab? I’d like to see request & response headers of the OPTIONS and GET requests to /forest/authentication and /forest/authentication/callback to see where the error comes from.

there are no such calls in the network log but i believe the following logs might be of help.
they are ordered from top to bottom

Thanks for the response @huss. Do you see a cookie named forest_session_token in the query that fails (GET on /api/projects?name=phinests)?

Can you share its value with me in private message?

well apparently the cookie was being blocked by chrome :man_facepalming:
i whitelisted the website and it all works fine now.

thank you so much for your help and time.