Cannot reach Forest API at

Feature(s) impacted

Installation from localhost

Observed behavior

When running php artisan serve as described by the onboarding, we get the message "> RuntimeException
Cannot reach Forest API at, it seems to be down right now

Expected behavior

States the “Apimap received” message in console


  • Project name: GP TEST
  • Team name: GP
  • Environment name: local
  • Agent type & version: laravel
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: … first install

Hi @EFGP, and welcome to our community :wave:

Could you run the following command : php artisan forest:send-apimap

And then run : php artisan serve

Hi @nicolasa

Thanks! I’m getting the same issue by manually running that specific command:

So the issue was that I had generated a new project and thus a set of keys. Althought the forest:setup-keys returned “already set up”, the actual issue was that I had a new set of keys that it needed to override. Deleting the keys out of .env and reapplying that command fixed the issue.

Ultimately it wasn’t that I couldn’t connect to the API or that it was down, it was that my keys were incorrect / non-existant on forestadmin.