Can't change the color for the "badge" display setting of a field

We set a “badge” as the display setting for a field. But we can’t choose the color of the various possible values.

Expected behavior

Setting the “display setting” for a field to “badge” in colors “custom” mode, we can define the possible values for the field. For each value, we can choose the display color of the badge for that value.

By clicking on the value color we expect to be able to choose the color from a color picker (this is what happened previously).

Actual behavior

When we click on the color to change to color associated with the value, nothing happens and we can’t choose the color.

Failure Logs

No evidence on our side. No errors in browser console.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: "forest-express-sequelize": "^6.1.4"
  • Express Version: "express": "~4.17.1"
  • Sequelize Version: "sequelize": "^5.21.9"
  • Database Dialect: Sequelize
  • Database Version: postgres (PostgreSQL) 12.2
  • Project Name: Sailsquare

Hi (again :slight_smile: ) @Matteo,

We are close to delivering a new release with a new version of these components.

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Hi @Sliman_Medini we still can’t see the color picker. I understood you already released the fix. If you already did, I think the problem is still there. Otherwise, maybe I just need to wait :slight_smile: isn’t it?
Thank you!

Hi @Matteo,
The fix is currently waiting for review, it should be delivered soon.I can’t give you any ETA, but we’ll keep you updated when it is released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @jeffladiray
Thank you for you reply. No problem. I’ll check again later…

Hello (again :slight_smile: )@Matteo,

The fix has been released, so the color picker should be back to normal!
(A hard refresh of the app might be necessary)

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Thank you very much @jeffladiray.
I confirm it works :+1:

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