Can't unlock data from invited user account

I created project called PourAdmin which has 2 admin users. I use one admin user, and my client uses the other.

Expected behavior

I created project called PourAdmin which has 2 admin users. I use one admin user, and my client uses the other.
When I log in to app.forest and unlock data for our production env, I can access our data and manage our DB.

I expect the same behaviour when my client logs in to the app.forest.

Actual behavior

My client logs in successfully and when trying to unlock data gets an error message stating our production environment is unreachable. There are no errors in console. Our production server is up and running

Failure Logs

Please include any relevant log snippets, if necessary.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: forest admin @ latest
  • Express Version: forest admin @ latest
  • Sequelize Version: forest admin @ latest
  • Database Dialect: pg
  • Database Version: 12.5
  • Project Name: PourAdmin

Hello @Aleksandar_Polic, thanks for your feedback and welcome in the community! :partying_face:

If I understand it well, you have access to the production and your client don’t.

If I try to access to your server, I can see that my browser is blocking the connection because of a self-signed certificate. I guess that, in order to correctly display the image you are showing us, you had to manually approuve this certificate in your browser.

Now that you did, the connection is accepted by your browser and you can login on the agent.

But my guess is that your client did not accept this certificate, that’s why the connection is blocked by its browser.

In order to avoid asking end users to manually accept self-signed certificate, I recommend using properly signed certificates. You can use Let’s Encrypt (free), or buy this service from a certification authority, to generate a valid certificate on your server.

Hello and thank you for your feedback!

We are using self-signed SSL certificate just for testing purposes. I advised our clients to go and accept the certificate, but they still can’t access ForestAdmin app.

Is there any time they should wait before they can access it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Aleksandar_Polic :wave: do your customers have any error log on their browse? Can you give me the result of the call to your api by your client?