Collection Settings not visible in local development env

Expected behavior

Expecting to see all the collection permissions as it is shown in the “Manage your collection Settings” tab in the Forest Admin docs :

Actual behavior

The collections permissions are not visible in all the collections :

Failure Logs

There is no failure logs - only not visible parts of the UI


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.
I am still in a development local env and I haven’t already deploy it to production in order to test everything before.

  • Express Version: 6.14.12
  • Sequelize Version: 6.14.12
  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
  • Database Version: 13.2
  • Project Name: mbh-admin

Thank you sooo much for your help :pray::pray::pray:

Hello @Paulinelqt,

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community :raised_hands:

Nice catch, you’re pointing a screenshot that is a bit outdated.
All the options about the collection access are now handled thanks to the more powerful concept of roles.
This documentation would give you more info about them.

Please tell me if you have any extra question on the subject.

Hi Adrien and thank you so much for your help on this subject! That’s perfect - I didn’t know the feature was in Roles now.
However when I go to the Roles tab and click to the first role I have created I see the error Message : Production or remote environments cannot be found (cf. screenshot 2).
Maybe I do have to deploy to production before managing roles ?

Again, thank you so much for your help!

Hi @Paulinelqt,

Thanks for your message.

You’re absolutely right, you need to deploy to a remote first before being able to use the roles.

And you should not be able to create a role before. This reveals a little bug in our side (you started to deploy in production but did not finish the process, this should not unlock the role process yet).
You should still see this screen by now:

We will fix it asap to avoid any ambiguity here.

Thanks for your report!

It should be corrected now.
You’d be able to create a role only after you’ll finish to deploy to a remote environment.
Let me know if you have any other question :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you so much for all your answers! I now have all the informations to deploy it :wink:

Have a beautiful day :blush:

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