Command for express mongoose generate project

how we can generate a project with express mongoose with folders

  • forest
  • models
  • middleware

Thank you so much

Hi @Vincent,

I guess what you want is to generate a project in the format you’re used to.
A few weeks ago, we upgraded our onboarding commands to generate projects based on our latest Node.js agent.

We did so because we are convinced (based on 6 years of experience with the previous agents) that this new experience is way more simple, appealing and powerful than what we provided in the past.

Did you try it out?

What are the reasons that would lead you to generate projects with the old format? Is it a matter of learning curve?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, thks your reply
How to customize queries with the new format?
With the old format, we can customize with our APIs in the Forest folder
Now, how can we do it?

Can you provide a practical example of something you managed to do in the past and are looking to apply with the brand new API?

Thanks for your help.