Custom event names disappearing, option to edit custom action name also disappeared now

Feature(s) impacted

In detail, for us it is a detail of the payment gateway, we have been missing the names of custom events since last week. In our project there are two environments - stage and prod. On stage we can see the names of custom actions, on production they disappear every time we log into the administration. Until recently, it was possible to edit the name of at least these custom actions every time they disappeared, but currently the name editing option has also disappeared. β†’

Observed behavior

The names of custom actions in the prod environment are missing at every login. Example from our project - payment gateways - active gateways - detail of one of gateways - actions - first two actions are empty. Also there is not a possibility to change name of action anymore. β†’

Expected behavior

Custom action names should not be empty and if I change them the name should not be removed by itself.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 15.43.46


Failure Logs


  • Project name: tftw-admin-backend
  • Environment name: prod

Hello @Patrik_Sonsky, and welcome to the community

We have indeed identified an issue with your project, it seems like your rendering cannot be updated.
We are currently looking into options to fix the situation. I will keep you updated



We have removed a corruption in the rendering which caused it to fail during update.
Could you please retry on your side ?


Hello, unfortunately now custom actions disappeared completely.

Sorry, smart actions were not visible. All good now, thanks a lot for a quick help. :blush:

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