Smart action not displayed in staging UI


I have a problem with a new smart action that I have created. It works like a charm on my local environment, I have deployed it on my staging environment (the server is obviously restarted at each deployment), but the smart action is not visible in the Staging environment. I tried clearing my browser’s cache, logout/login…
I have created several smart actions already and I think it’s the first time it happens.

Hello @Benjamin_Crespo !
What is the name of your project ?

The project is Homeloop

And the name of the smart action ?

It’s /forest/actions/passer-en-autonome

thank you

Do you see it in the ./forestadmin-schema.json of your staging ?

Yes, and now one of my coworkers has a similar problem with a new field added to one of the models. The field is not present in the taging environment after deployment.

Hi @Benjamin_Crespo,

Are you using this environment variable: FOREST_DISABLE_AUTO_SCHEMA_APPLY ? This could explain why you never see your fields.

No we’re not using it.
But we did not have that kind of problem before. Apparently it started a couple of weeks ago, some fields were added by my coworkers and one of yours had to manually update something to allow them to become visible.

I just made another deployment and now my smart action and the field are visible

I’m looking into it :thinking:

I can’t reproduce and I can’t find a reason why this could happen :thinking:. Ping on this thread when this happen again it’s really hard to investigate now that it is fixed :disappointed:

No problem, I will.

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Hello, I have a new problem on my staging environment.
Now it’s on the visits collection. The field video_visit should be removed and the ‘type’ one should appear. But it’s not the case.