[ Dashboard] Issue with smart tables. Even your doc example doesn't work anymore

We had 3 working smart-tables in our dashboard. From one day to another, they stopped working for no apparent reason (at least nothing we can point to or see) and we’ve been breaking our head to make them work again… to no avail.

To the degree that I am suspecting a bug on your end. So I just tried implementing a smart-table using the example from the documentation (https://docs.forestadmin.com/developer-guide-agents-nodejs/frontend-customization/smart-charts/create-a-table-chart)… and it still does not work :thinking:




API Call result:


And here is the error I see in the web console:

I am out of ideas… I think you guys have an issue. My smart tables were working → they stopped working. I use your exact documentation example → it still does not work.

Using Chromium under Ubuntu 22.04
Let me know if you have an idea on what’s going on here!
Thanks a lot


Hi @thibauldf,

The BetaTable has been migrated. You need to rename it to Shared::BetaTable to make it work :wink:
I’m sorry this was supposed to be a private component, I didn’t know some people were using it

Thanks, will test right away and report!
I know it seems wild but some people do read your docs :wink:

While I am at it, your editor is barely usable (borderline “totally unusable”). It only allows me to change a few characters before going completely crazy: when I type, the changes don’t show and I always need to discard my changes. Only solution is using an external editor and just copy/paste the entire code. If you try editing in the component, it’s just practically impossible. (Chromium / Ubuntu 22.04)

Update @vince : the table shows up again, thanks!
However, the errors in the console still show (so it was unrelated) and I have a feeling this errors in the web console are what makes the editor unusable. You might want to track that down.

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Hello @thibauldf

Thank you for reporting your issue with the editor, I will try to reproduce it.

I’m glad to read that the table is shown again, once again sorry for the inconvenience.