Dashboards loss

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Observed behavior

We had 3 projects (Prototype/Production/Preprod). We made several dashboards on the Production project. We have modified the organisation by adding 2 environnements (Prototype and Preprod) on the Production project in order to get our 3 environments on the same project. Then, we no longer had the dashboards created.

Expected behavior

Keep the dashboards.

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Hi @Bastien :wave: ,

To copy the dashboards you have in Production on prototype and preprod, you’ll need to use the copy layout feature in your environments settings.

:warning: Please make sure to copy from production to others and not the other way around.

Bonjour Louis. Le besoin n’est pas de les copier. En fait, nous n’avons plus les dashboards qui ont été créés sur l’environnement de Production et nous voulons les retrouver.

Hello @Bastien :wave:

We have investigated on our end and, sorry for what I’m about to say but, we have seen that copy layouts have been made from your environment prototype to production and also from preprod to production.

This means that you have overridden your production layout with the two other, which were empty.

In that case it is impossible for us to restore the charts, I’m sorry but the only way to restore theme is to reconfigure them from the UI.

For the future, when you want to copy layouts, ensure that when you select the environment on the copy layout input, you are actually selecting the environment that will be overridden.

Sorry for the bad news,