Duplicate Entire Project to New Project

Is it possible to make a copy of an entire project? I realize now that it might be better to split my environments into 2 projects.

Hi @Liam_Cheung,

What do you mean by “copy of an entire project”?
Do you think about the layout configuration or the Admin backend codebase (or maybe both)?

It would be great to have the reasons behind your decision to split projects.
Would those 2 projects share the same Admin API and database?

Thanks for you help :pray:

The idea to split is that there are some users that have access to only 2 environments out of 5 we have and not they others, so its a way to restrict which environments they can see and access. The copy would allow us to maintain the existing layouts configuration, since I do not see how to copy layouts between projects.

Are there considerations for not splitting? e.g. if I have users who have access to both projects would I be billed 2 users rather than 1?

Hi Liam,

You can set teams for your users.
Then, you can define what is available for a given team on each environment.

But can I completely restrict a team from a specific environment so it does not show up for them in the list of environments?

Hi @Liam_Cheung,

The short answer is no.
Actually, environments are not meant to deal with data restriction. As explained here, environments are meant to be used as different contexts (for instance: development, staging, production). FYI, only admin users can see the development environments.

To deal with data restriction, as @Sliman_Medini suggested it, you better create different teams. You can find more information here.

Hope this helps!