Duplicate existing project


We think about creating a new project for a different team. The database and layout will be slightly different but roughly 80% of the project will be the same. The users will be different.

Is there a way to duplicate an existing project ? It would save us a lot of time in creating layout.

Hey @mduhez :wave:

We currently do not have any way of duplicating a project. I can push it to our product board, but I’m curious of what are the difference between your two projects.

I’m guessing that the teams feature is not enough for your need, right?
Maybe we can find a workaround that suit your need without requiring you to duplicate your project?

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@mduhez we’re super curious to understand your needs behind this feature. Are you in for a quick call to give us more insights? It’ll help us design the best solution for you.

I let you choose a convenient time right here.