How to save layout to production for all teams?


I was using Forest without teams for a while and every time I changed the layout in the production environment (with Edit layout button,) it got saved properly for production and all other users were seeing the changes as well.

Now I started using teams and I realized all other teams don’t see that layout but see the untouched default version instead.

Doing forest branch I see only development which is marked as current branch. But that may just be the local development layout changes which I don’t want in production (as all relevant changes were done directly in the production environment).

Since I edit my layout from the production environment, does that mean it’s pushed to the production branch? Meaning I don’t need to do forest deploy?
How do I deploy this layout to all users/teams in production?

I’m afraid to loose that layout, so preferred to ask first.

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Hey @alexphiev :wave:

The team main goal is to provide a way to have different frontend layout across your project, allowing you and your users to have a different admin panel more focus on what their meant to achieve via their adminpanel.

If you want to copy the layout from your first team to another one, you should be able to use the copy layout feature

To do so, I would suggest the following flow:

  • On your development environment, create a new branch
  • Still on your development environment, in the Teams screen, select your main team (The one with the layout you want), and use the Copy layout to ... feature to select the team you want to update.
  • Check locally that both teams are synced (You should be able to switch team from the left side menu)
  • If everything is correct for you, using forest deploy should allow you to update your production layout.

If you feel confident, you can also copy layout across teams directly on your production environment

Thanks a lot @jeffladiray!

I have one additional question: How do I discard all changes done in development layout to retrieve the exact one from the production?

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If you are on a development environment, switching to a new branch/deleting the current branch should put you in a production state (Documentation)

If you are on a remote environment (not being production), we provide a forest environment:reset command (Documentation)

Let me know if that helps :pray:

Hi @jeffladiray ,

I screwed up and red " Copy layout configuration from… " instead of " Copy layout configuration to… ". So I lost my good branch.

How do I revert it? I really really hope that’s possible because it’s worth weeks of work.

Thank you,

For reference, the team in prod where the layout was properly set up is called “Ingénierie pédagogique” and the project is called forest_backend.

If the action was done directly in production, this is sadly not revertable.

If any environment/any teams still contains the correct layout, you should be able to re-apply it. If not, well… the layout is lost.

Sorry about the inconvenience here.

So there is no branch system on your side with history, or backup possible? Even for dashbaords which are a key element of the service?

Hi @alexphiev sorry again for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we only store backup part of the incident recovery option of our Enterprise plan.

I would highly recommend in the future to use a staging or QA environments for such critical UI manipulation.