Edit button not visible

Feature(s) impacted

Record editing

Observed behavior

Edit button is not visible in top right corner when record Details page is opened

When I check “Collections permissions” I see that for Survey collection all actions should be enabled.

Expected behavior

Based on configuration for this environment, and the collection itself, Edit button should be visible when details page is opened for any record from this Collection for users within specific Role.

Failure Logs

  • Project name: Buffl.1
  • Environment name: Production

Hello @Irfan_Krijestorac,

I have checked the permissions you have set for your current role and it does not seem to have any issue that would prevent you from editing the “Survey” collection. Do you encounter something similar on other collections or is this a lone case ?

Hi @dogan.ay , now I checked and I’m experiencing this issue in next collections: Surveys, Questions, Users and Results.
In other collections Edit button is visible.

Thank in advance, for your help.

Hi @Irfan_Krijestorac,

Can you confirm that you have an error in your browser console ?
Something like that TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON ?

Hi @vince, indeed, that error is present in my browser console

Is the edit button displayed when you do not have this error (try other collections, you will need to refresh first) ?

For other collections without this error, Edit button is displayed.

Okey I will need to know now on which fields this error is triggered (Something displaying JSON). Could you show only one JSON at a time and let me know which one triggers the error

I’m not able to access that feature for collection whit this error. In these collections I do not have a button where i can toggle on/off visibility of specific fields.

As you can see there is no button that should be visible next to the “RECORD DETAILS” title.

Okey may be when scrolling can you tell me the last field displayed ?

“Word clouds” is the last field I see on the survey page

I’m trying to reproduce, no success for now

Maybe this could help. Since already few months, we noticed that these type of fields contain some additional code from Forest that is not part of our data.

This is an old screenshot we noticed more than 1 month ago


Okey I do reproduce. I’ll create a top priority bug ticket. I’m working on it
I’ll let you know as soon as it is fixed. Sorry for that

Hey @Irfan_Krijestorac,

It should be good now :wink:

I can confirm that issue is fixed. Thanks a lot!

Just keep in mind, that you still can’t edit that field. No changes are taken into account. We are working on a fix

Hi @Irfan_Krijestorac,

I just want to let you know that you should be able to edit your field now :wink:

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