Emojis with number are broken with new forest admin typo

When I use emojis with number, like :one::two::three:etc… It’s broken. I think the problem might come from your new typo.

I use theses emojis on smart actions menu and tables.

Hello @XavierColombel,

Thanks for reporting the problem, I’ve just created a bug related task in our backlog and you can follow its progress here :slight_smile:

Hi @XavierColombel,

The issue looks to be restricted to a subset of emojis.
We are currently trying to understand the issue.

Do you confirm, those specific emojis :one:, :two:, :three:,… used to work with the previous font?
Thanks for your help :pray:

Yes it worked before your update. I confirm this is only related to numbered emojis.

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Hello @XavierColombel,

We released a fix this morning, can you check if emojis are correctly displayed on your end now?


Good job guys! It’s now working. :+1:

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