Error message not shown when creating an associated record fails

I have 2 collections:

  1. Microskills
  2. Skills

Microskills have SkillId.

Here is the list of steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. In “Add Microskill”, I am shown this “create a new Skill” green text.
  2. Upon clicking this, I land on “create skill” page.
  3. In this page, if creation of Skill fails due to validation error, then no error message is shown.

Expected behavior

Error message to be shown

Actual behavior

No Error message is getting shown

Failure Logs

Here is the browser console log.

POST http://localhost:3310/forest/skills 500 (Internal Server Error)
r {isAdapterError: true, stack: "Error: Ember Data Request POST http://localhost:33…dor-6fea72923c819ced706dc8759e3b8ff7.js:1396:698)", description: undefined, fileName: undefined, lineNumber: undefined, …}
description: undefined
errors: Array(1)
detail: "Field 'name' doesn't have a default value"
status: 500
__proto__: Object
[]: (...)
firstObject: (...)
hasArrayObservers: (...)
lastObject: (...)
length: 1
__proto__: Array(0)
fileName: undefined
isAdapterError: true
lineNumber: undefined
message: "Ember Data Request POST http://localhost:3310/forest/skills returned a 500↵Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)↵[object Object]"
name: "Error"
number: undefined
stack: "Error: Ember Data Request POST http://localhost:3310/forest/skills returned a 500↵Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)↵[object Object]↵    at r (↵    at new r (↵    at r.handleResponse (↵    at r.handleResponse (↵    at r [as handleResponse] (↵    at s (↵    at↵    at r.Ember.RSVP.Promise.h.error (↵    at u (↵    at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] ("
__proto__: Error


  • Package Version: 6.2.1
  • Express Version: 4.16.4
  • Sequelize Version: 5.15.2
  • Database Version: MySQL 5.7
  • Project Name: xs-library-local-dev

Hey @Shriram_Balakrishnan,

Thanks for reporting your issue!
May I ask you to send screenshots/screencast of your issue so that I’m sure what’s your problem and how it happens exactly?

Thank you.

Here is the screenshot of error.

Note that this happens only when I try to create Topic from the MicroTopic Creation form by clicking on the “Create a new Topic” green text present on the Topic field of MicroTopic creation form.

Hi @Shriram_Balakrishnan,

I’m able to reproduce your issue, the error message does not seems to appear on my end either when creating a “Skill” from the “Microskill” creation form.
I’ve created the issue here:

Thanks for reporting this !

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The fix has been released this morning. You will need to refresh the app to ensure you are running the latest version.

Let me know if everything works on your side.

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@Shriram_Balakrishnan could you please tell us if the issue is fixed? :pray:
Thanks a lot!

@jeffladiray @adriguy It works as expected now. Thanks for the fix.