Error while editing any field in my admin interface

Feature(s) impacted

Edit collection feild in ui

Observed behavior

UI: An error occured when trying to edit Users : unexpected error.

Expected behavior

Edit field

Failure Logs

UI log:
An error occured when trying to edit Users : unexpected error.

Frontend log:
Uncaught (in promise) {message: ‘A listener indicated an asynchronous response by r…age channel closed before a response was received’}
chunk.521.856ba3f951a69fc76bb4.js:2 Error: No model was found for ‘forest-metadatum’ and no schema handles the type
at u.modelFor (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:373112)
at e.typeForRelationship (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:254176)
at e._findInverseFor (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:254406)
at e.inverseFor (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:254336)
at e.determineRelationshipType (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:255537)
at t.shouldSerializeHasMany (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:298226)
at t.serializeHasMany (vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:292334)
at vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:298625
at vendor-d665eff9089351e4a9735b3e18f46716.js:89:255359
at Map.forEach ()

Backend log:


  • Project name:
  • Team name: Qweme Dev
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: “@forestadmin/agent”: “^1.0.0”
  • Database type: mongodb
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @qweme and welcome to the community !

Could you share any customization applied to your “Users” model ?
Did it work previously or has the issue appeared recently after a change on your side ?

this error after first installation, on all collections in my db

Could you try to set loggerLevel: “Debug” on your agent and retry the manual action on your frontend. The logs on your backend should give us more information to tackle this issue.

Update this bug only in Users collection

Collection schema

import Mongoose from 'mongoose';

interface UsersInterface {
  role: number;
  expiredAt: Date;
  email: string;
  password: string;
  balance: number;
  createdAt: Date;
  discord: string;
  login: string;
  avatar: string;
  auth2fa: string;
  injectMode: string;
  enabled2fa: boolean;
  hwid: string;
  id: number;

const usersSchema = new Mongoose.Schema({
  role: Number,
  expiredAt: Date,
  email: String,
  password: String,
  balance: Number,
  createdAt: Date,
  discord: String,
  login: String,
  avatar: String,
  auth2fa: String,
  injectMode: String,
  enabled2fa: Boolean,
  hwid: String,
  id: Number,
}, {
  timestamps: false,

export { UsersInterface, usersSchema };

Thanks for the additional information, we have found a possible cause for this issue and are looking for a fix, We will keep you updated

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Hey @qweme,

The fix should be live. Could you try again and let us know if it works for you :angel: ?

Thx, working correctly

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